Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So to begin.....

…I was born Astoria Foster….in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in July of 1912. At that time Pittsburg was the 8th largest city in the entire country. It was a bustling time in a city filled with European influence. While life in Pittsburgh centered around steel, in our family it was something quite different. My father owned a marvelous and very profitable button factory!
The bone, ivory, pearl and exotic bits of wood we used came from all over the world, and would eventually provide me with the fuel for an insatiable wanderlust. The factory itself was a wonderland for an inspired child, with each shipping carton coming from far away lands, marked by labels filled with adventure and travel.

By the by, I spent much of my life in Pittsburgh.....even traveled back many times over the years. One of my favorite places has always been the Phipps. For more about the Phipps:


By the by, to go back to the beginning and catch up to all of Astoria's adventures go to:

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