Monday, April 9, 2012

June 25, 1951..........

....Archer and I decided to join friends, Beatrice and Gerard, in Colorado. Beatrice and I had met years earlier and become lifelong friends. She was living in the wilderness of Oregon with her trapper husband, the son of Veronique, a descendant of Marie Antoinette, and Atian, a native American. Gerard was in town to participate in a “Rocky Mountain Rendezvous”, and we were also here to celebrate Archer’s 40th birthday.We had a keen interest in the mountains (I, mostly to photograph them and Archer enjoyed anything to challenge himself). Archer would hike, climb and fly fish, while I took my camera equipment and took off in search of wildlife. We decided to stay at the Stanley, a fine and  immense hotel near the entrance to the park.
We checked in and were assigned to room 217. With a day to explore before Bea arrived, and without even unpacking, we turned in early to get a good nights sleep. When we awakened we found not only a hot, steamy breakfast awaiting us, but our bags had been unpacked and our belongings put away as well! We gingerly gathered up the food to “go” and stopped by the desk to thank them for the wonderful hospitality. Interestingly, they told us no one had delivered any kind of service to our room….what room was that again? Room 217………………….there was a hush amongst the staff and they all walked away………astoria
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By the by, the Stanley is the hotel featured in the movie, The Shining… in the history of the real hotel, strange things happened in one of the rooms, and ghosts of children appeared on the 4th floor. For a reminder of The Shining, see:

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By the by, background on Beatrice: It was while waiting for a train in Grand Central Station that I met Beatrice. I was on my way to Philly and she was going west. Both trains had been delayed due to flooding, so we struck up a chat. I’ll never forget her exquisite green eyes……they sparkled like gems, and she was quite stunning in a big, swing coat and fur pillbox hat. She was on her way to the Pacific Northwest to marry a man she hardly knew. She met him quite by chance, and it was love at first site….he, a trapper, and she a showgirl. As adventurous as my life had become, I still found myself envying her “joi de vivre”!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I’ll never forget summers at ShadyBrook....

…..a vacation resort in the Catskills. Our family would spend the entire season there (Father would come and go; he could never leave the button factory for very long). We had the cutest cottage, and the activities kept us quite busy….there was the lake, with water skiing and diving from the wooden platforms….there were board games in the common area, and enormous bonfires at night. And my favorite…..the dance lessons. I was young, and of course had a huge crush on the lead dance instructor, Johnny. Father didn’t approve of him because he was much older than I, but I couldn’t stay away….after all, he called me “Baby”. We danced so well together that we won the contest at the end of the summer, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. “No, I might be old, but I am not senile! I know that was “Dirty Dancing”! (what’s the point in telling stories if one can’t have a little fun!)"......But we did have great times! And instead of dancing with Johnny, I fell in love with photography!  I had countless afternoons to roam the estate and practice taking pictures of flora and fauna….they even had a darkroom. That passion turned out to be one of the greatest joys of my life. I carted my camera equipment around the world and never looked back………. astoria

This is me around 1929

By the by, every time I see Dirty Dancing, the movie, especially the scene with the final dance, I get the same tingly feeling I did at ShadyBrook.....I hear the music, smell the forest and dream of falling in love.

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