Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On this my 100th birthday......

....I find the family gathering about my feet pleading with me to begin the tale of the adventure which has been my life. Perched as I have so often been in my favorite old rocking chair (the one covered in zebra hide) I have a score of great grandchildren and grandchildren pulling up pillows and seats, awaiting my discourse.  They want to know all about everything it seems, even this old chair. I am reminded of how my dear Archer carried the fine chair through darkest Africa, determined to bring it home and find it a position of appropriate grandeur. From our tents in the bush, as we rocked around a blazing fire, it… like myself has seen the finest of days…and here we sit.

By the by, one of Archer's last trips to Africa was in response to a request of one of the tribes he had come to know. Their cattle were being killed by a rogue Leopard, and they hadn't been able to capture or kill it. Although I was quite ill with malaria, Archer went to help. I feared greatly for his life and gave him my most precious St. Christopher's medal to protect him in his travels. He captured the leopard and moved it to a more suitable part of Africa. However, he did bring me back the rocking chair adorned with Zebra hide.

By the by, plains zebras are not on the endangered species list, not now or when Archer Higgins saw them.

By the by, I do not condone the killing of animals for their hide alone. However, I do see no harm in wearing older pieces that have already made the ultimate sacrifice long ago. I actually think it shows more respect to the animal and its species that the fur is in use.

By the by, check out this "jungle" coat............


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