Thursday, February 23, 2012

For all its fine attributes.....

....the city of Pittsburgh also had its dark side, quite literally. The steel mills which were the city’s life blood, also turned it into what Boston writer James Parton called “hell with the lid off.” A dark, sooty cloud from the mills blanketed the entire city, all except our beautiful Shady Side, where those with means could live above the soot and grime.
My early years were unremarkable, except to say I grew up in the lap of luxury, thanks to my father’s business acumen and adaptability. It was not until my studies at the University of Pittsburgh, “Pitt” as we called it, that I began to yearn to expand my horizons. Majoring in business was almost unheard of at the time for women, but I wanted to contribute to the family fortune on my own terms. It was upon graduation in 1934, that I finally managed to convince my dear father that I should travel for the company…and so I did!

By the by, in those days we took typing classes, only the women.....we were supposed to be typists, secreteries and stenographers. I, on the other hand, had my sights set much higher.....unfortunately, I still had to pass the typing class:

By the by, typing class attire:

By the by, to go back to the beginning and catch up to all of Astoria's adventures go to:

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